Listen to our March 2020 show

Listen to our March 2020 program, with music removed to comply with copyright requirements. The team talked about the need for funding services, International Women’s Day, gave a shout out to Tabitha’s writing in @IndigenousX and said goodbye to a good friend.

These are their stories!

In the criminal justice system, women and girls are being locked up at an alarming rate. At Seeds of Affinity, women of lived prison experience are pushing back against the stigma of being associated with a criminal record.

These are their stories.


Imagining Abolition Documentary

In November 2018, Sisters Inside hosted the “Imagining Abolition” conference. Hundreds of women (and a few men) gathered together to consider how we can move forward to a world without prisons. The voices of women of lived prison experience, especially First Nations women, were at the forefront of these discussions.

This documentary was produced by Radio Seeds who spoke to many of the conference attendees. The beautiful photos were taken by Charandev Singh and used with permission. If there’s a photo of you that you’d prefer not be included in this slideshow, please email Heather.Anderson@unisa.edu.au .


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