The power of education

To celebrate our very own Linda Fisk graduating this month with a Bachelor of Psychological Science, we discuss the role of education for women of lived prison experience, and what it means to overcome all stereotypes and further your education. We also share our coverage of Linda’s graduation ceremony and celebrations.


Art and Healing at the Alice Springs Correctional Centre.

The Kunga Stopping Violence Project is a through-prison support organisation in Alice Springs for Aboriginal women. One of their services is a four week trauma-recovery workshop, for women getting ready to leave prison. In this story the Kunga women at Alice Springs CC speak about the importance of art to their recovery and journey forward.

Listen to our May episode

In our May episode we hear the latest from women living in the Ruby Unit at Adelaide Women’s Prison, and discuss the current overcrowding situation and the problems with temporary housing at Holden Hill Watch house. We also have a story on the use of art at the Kunga Stopping Violence Program at the Alice Springs Correctional Centre and celebrate our own Linda Fiske’s graduation.