The latest news from Ruby Unit, AWP

We report from the Ruby Unit at Adelaide Women’s Prison and speak to the latest group of women living there, in the prison’s newest unit that opened earlier this year and is special-purpose designed to be non-smoking and programs oriented. How have things changed since last time we visited? Linda, Chris and Mel talk about how is the prison coping with current overcrowding issues and their concerns about housing women on remand in watch-houses rather than prison.


Listen to our May episode

In our May episode we hear the latest from women living in the Ruby Unit at Adelaide Women’s Prison, and discuss the current overcrowding situation and the problems with temporary housing at Holden Hill Watch house. We also have a story on the use of art at the Kunga Stopping Violence Program at the Alice Springs Correctional Centre and celebrate our own Linda Fiske’s graduation.

Long term housing support

The Aspire program at the Hutt St Centre in Adelaide provides long-term support to people experiencing or at-risk of homelessness, including those about to exit from prison. Christine caught up with Michael Frances, Development and Partnerships Manager at the Hutt St Centre, to learn more about Aspire.

For more information visit the Hutt St Centre https://www.huttstcentre.org.au/

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Overcrowding in the Adelaide Women’s Prison

The Adelaide Women’s Prison is at capacity which means many women have to stay at the Holden Hills police holding cells, which are not equipped for lengthier periods of incarceration. Linda talks to Michelle about why this is happening and how we, as a society, should be responding.

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Christine’s story: from crim to prim!

Our own Radio Seeds broadcaster, Christine, has spent much of her life battling drug addiction which has led to her serving multiple short prison sentences. The last time she was arrested she knew “that was it” – turn her life around or spend years more of her life behind bars. Here’s her story.

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Radio Seeds February Show

In this month’s show we showcase the personal story of one of our own broadcasters, Christine, who has successfully exited the revolving prison door. Linda highlights the very real problem of overcrowding in the Adelaide Women’s Prison and Michael Frances from the Hutt St Centre tells us about a new program to provide long-term support for people experiencing homelessness.

We hope you enjoy the show.

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