Listen to our March 2020 show

Listen to our March 2020 program, with music removed to comply with copyright requirements. The team talked about the need for funding services, International Women’s Day, gave a shout out to Tabitha’s writing in @IndigenousX¬†and said goodbye to a good friend.

Connections between DV and the incarceration of women

An overwhelming number of women in prison have been affected by family and domestic violence, either as a child from their parent(s) or as an adult from an intimate partner.

In this piece, Linda and Michele argue that many women in prison are incarcerated as a direct result of being survivors of domestic and family violence.

They discuss the complete failure of the state, to provide adequate support and protection to women in these situations.

Listen Here:

If you, or a loved one, are affected by domestic or family violence you may find the resources at this link useful