International Women’s Day

A quick discussion on the importance of International Women’s Day and where abolition and prisoners’ rights fits with feminism.


Stop Demonising Mothers in Prison

We have to be careful of the narratives we use when we’re talking about children of prisoners, and not buy into the negative stereotypes of women who are mothers in prison.

This conversation is a response to an article in the Sunday Mail (Adelaide)on Sunday 24th Feb 2019.

November Show 2018


Apologies for the lateness of the November show, we have a new admin helper and will be back on track in 2019!


Community Food

Seeds sat down for a chat with John Flack from Pathway Community Centre in Modbury to chat about community food programs and Rose from Nana’s Free Food Basket, a community food project running out of Semaphore.

Pathway Community Centre

Nanna’s Free Food Basket

Mental health Social Work forum

Social workers on mental health and criminalisation

Emma Williams Social Worker

Fiona speaks to Emma Williams, a social worker from MOSAIC services.


Adelaide Women’s Prison Visits

The ladies from Seeds went into the Adelaide Women’s Prison to listen to what some of the women have to say…


Shoutouts from Adelaide Women’s Prison!



Making Changes at AWP

Making changes is a program run at the AWP, here the women from Seeds speak about their experience with it



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Welcome to our October show for 2018

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For now – here’s the content from our October Show

Going Back

Both Christine and Fiona have recently gone back to prison – but as program providers, bringing their lived prison experience to enhance their delivery. But how did it feel to go back inside?


Public speaking

Seeds of Affinity have made so many public appearances lately, it’s hard to keep track.


Adelaide Women’s Prison Radio Project

In September Charlotte, Heather and Christine began a radio project in the Adelaide Women’s Prison, to produce audio materials aimed at supporting new arrivals. Here’s how it’s been going so far.


Prison Chaplaincy

Prison Chaplain Frances Bartlett joins us to talk about her work, supporting all prisoners regardless of their faith


And here’s the whole show

Ruby Unit July 2018

Each month, we’ve been keeping you up to date with changes at Adelaide Women’s Prison, and bringing you messages from some of the women in the newest part of the prison, the Ruby Unit. The way the prison operates seems to be changing really quickly at the moment, and we’ll keep you posted. For now, here are some of the thoughts of the women who were living in Ruby unit a few weeks ago.