Shout outs from the Ruby Unit

Listen up to our messages from the Ruby Unit at the Adelaide Women’s Prison



Introducing the Ruby Unit

Radio Seeds are taken on a tour of the new Ruby Unit prisoner accommodation unit at the Adelaide Women’s Prison, by the women who are incarcerated there.

Listen below to the interviews and tour, in three parts.

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Listen to our March show!

Please enjoy the March edition of Radio Seeds, with music removed for copyright purposes. This month we focus on the new Ruby Unit at the Adelaide Women’s Prison, and hear the voices of the women incarcerated there.

Radio Seeds is produced by Seeds of Affinity, a support group of, and for, women of lived prison experience.

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Long term housing support

The Aspire program at the Hutt St Centre in Adelaide provides long-term support to people experiencing or at-risk of homelessness, including those about to exit from prison. Christine caught up with Michael Frances, Development and Partnerships Manager at the Hutt St Centre, to learn more about Aspire.

For more information visit the Hutt St Centre

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Overcrowding in the Adelaide Women’s Prison

The Adelaide Women’s Prison is at capacity which means many women have to stay at the Holden Hills police holding cells, which are not equipped for lengthier periods of incarceration. Linda talks to Michelle about why this is happening and how we, as a society, should be responding.

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