Radio Seeds and prisoner radio

51655516_359347828127276_6778078436041687040_n-1Linda and Michele talk about the value of prisoner radio, and the background of Radio Seeds.



Connections between DV and the incarceration of women

An overwhelming number of women in prison have been affected by family and domestic violence, either as a child from their parent(s) or as an adult from an intimate partner.

In this piece, Linda and Michele argue that many women in prison are incarcerated as a direct result of being survivors of domestic and family violence.

They discuss the complete failure of the state, to provide adequate support and protection to women in these situations.

Listen Here:

If you, or a loved one, are affected by domestic or family violence you may find the resources at this link useful

Seeds of Affinity getting out and about

Seeds of Affinity have been attending and/or hosting plenty of events recently, discussed in this segment.

Seeds recently attended the Adelaide White Ribbon Breakfast. Linda and Fiona discuss the toxic relationships that often connect domestic violence and women of lived prison experience, but also the positive experiences for women to attend events like White Ribbon.

Seeds also held a Suffragette’s afternoon tea at the University Of South Australia’s Hawke Centre – Linda talks the event and about the history and activism of the early years of the South Australian suffragette movement.

Finally, Seeds also held their annual trivia fundraiser event, which was a great success and strongly supported by the wider community.