Reintegration Puzzle Conference 2017 (part 2)

In part two of our coverage of the 2017 Reintegration Puzzle Conference we hear from a number of delegates including social worker and Churchill Fellow, Claire Seppings.

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Now in its thirteenth year, the Reintegration Puzzle Conference brings together individuals and organisations working to assist people to successfully reintegrate into the community after prison.

The conference has a mix of keynote and workshop style presentations covering a broad range of topics related to reintegration of people after prison. Topics include housing, employment, indigenous issues, disability, family support and throughcare.

This year the conference focused on how systems work to enable people to successfully reintegrate into the community after prison and how they create additional barriers. The role people with lived experience of prison can play in changing systems will also be explored.

Radio Seeds broadcasts on the first Friday of every month on WOW-FM 100.5FM from 3 – 4pm (Adelaide time). If you’re not in the local area you can tune in online at

We aim to support women in prison, and those who have recently left, and to educate the wider community about the issues faced by women with a criminalised history.


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